9/ 18 / 14

Arena Art Group By-laws 2014-2019

The official year of the Arena Art Group shall be twelve months beginning January 1 and ending December 31.

Name and Purpose:

  1. The original name of the organization formed in 1951 was the Arena Group. The name shall now be the Arena Art Group.

  2. The purpose of the organization is to foster community interest in contemporary art forms through the exhibitions of its members’works and to maintain an active, viable, and professional visual arts presence.

  3. The purpose of the organization shall also be to benefit its members through the privileges of meetings, public exhibitions and receptions, publicity, special events, and social occasions.


The membership consists of professional artists living or working in the Greater Rochester area. A non-resident membership for 1⁄2 the annual dues is for active members living out of state.

  1. Membership is by application process outlined on the AAG website.

  2. The Membership Chairperson will request digital images in JPEG format on a CD of 10 of the applicant’s recent artworks along with a bio, artist’s statement, resume and application fee. The information will be presented to the Steering Committee biannually, in the spring and fall of each year. The Steering Committee will vote to accept or decline each applicant as a candidate.

  3. All members attending the next general meeting will review CD and information of each candidate and vote to accept or decline each

candidate as an Arena Art Group member. A 2/3 vote will determine acceptance.

  1. The Membership Chairperson will contact each candidate as soon as possible with the results of the vote.

  2. Members must serve in a steering position, on a committee or vol- unteer for at least two years once in their tenure as a AAG mem- ber.The definition of active member is one who pays dues annually and exhibits regularly.

  1. Membership in the Arena Art Group shall terminate for any member who fails to comply with the exhibition rule that artworks must remain on display until the close of the exhibition.

  2. Any former member in good standing wishing to regain membership must re-apply and become subject to the process for new members for vote by steering committee only.

  3. Exceptions will be at the discretion of the Arena Art Group Steering Committee.



  1. The officers shall include a chairperson, a vice –chairperson an ex- hibit chairperson, a secretary, a treasurer, a membership chairper- son, and one or more members at large to total an odd number of in- dividuals. Chair and vice chair two individuals may share positions.

  2. Officers shall be elected for a two–year term.



A. The officers, standing positions, and members-at-large constitute the

voting members of the Arena Art Group Steering Committee.

  1. Additional committees may be appointed by the Chairperson as re- quired to fulfill the purposes and programs of the Arena Art Group.

  2. The Steering Committee shall carry on the day-to-day programs of the Arena Art Group in fulfillment of its purposes and shall report to the membership at its meeting(s) and/or through written communica- tions.

Election of Officers, Standing Positions, and Member-at-Large:

A. Officers, standing positions, and members-at-large may either volun- teer or be nominated by the Steering Committee subject to the approval of the membership.


A. The biannual Membership Meetings shall take place in the spring and fall.

B. Meetings of the Steering Committee may be called by the Chairperson or at the request of any member of the Steering Committee.

C. The minutes of each meeting and a record of attendance shall be docu- mented by the Secretary or an appointed member of the Arena Art Group. The records shall be held by the Secretary with copies to the Chairperson.

D. The treasurer will report expenses and balance of the Arena Art Group treasury at the membership meetings.


A. Membership dues shall be set annually by the Steering Committee.

  1. Dues shall be payable January 1st of each year with a grace period to February 1st of the same year. Failure to comply will jeopardize membership status.

  2. Benefits as privileges listed under, membership will be accorded only to members whose

    dues are paid.

  3. The Steering Committee may review each individual case regarding unpaid dues and privileges.


A. The Arena Art Group shall have a minimum of one annual exhibit.

Amendments and Revisions:

  1. These by-laws may be amended or revised by the Steering Commit- tee once a year.

  2. A vote will be taken by the membership and the majority rules.