Membership Benefits, Advantages, and Perks:

Members of the Arena Art Group have up to four opportunities a year to exhibit their work in a variety of group shows. All shows accept two-dimensional work and several also accept three-dimensional pieces. While some shows allow for multiple pieces from all members, others will limit the number of participants as well as the number of works from each artist. This is usually based on the physical size of the exhibit space we have contracted for. The mission of the group is to further the understanding and appreciation of abstract art in all it’s varied forms. Members are encouraged to complete work that explores imaginative and current subject matter, which is visually strong, intellectually stimulating and professionally executed and exhibited.

Steering Committee Members:

Chair: Dan Scally (Former Chair) Position to Be Filled
Co-Chair: Jono Peterson (Former Co-Chair) Position To Be Filled
Scribe: Constance Mauro
Treasurer: Jeffery Young
Exhibitions Chair/ Publication Design : Betsy Phillips Exhibition Committee: Jane Notides-Benzing , Jim Thomas, Phyllis Hackleman, Richard Harvey Membership: RJ Miller Membership Chair Members at Large: Dan Scally, Courtney Gruttadauria, Martha Schermerhorn, Karen Frutiger, Courtney Gruttadauria Exhibition/Hanging Committee :Jim Thomas, Richard Harvey, Jappie King Black, Phyllis Hackleman, Karen Frutiger
Media Liaison: Peter Sucy, John Retallack
Venues Committee: Diane Field, Tom Tedrowe, Dan Scally
Facebook/Instagram: Margery Pearl Gurnett, Nancy Valle Poster Patrol: Courtney Gruttadauria
Photography/ Video: John Retallack, Cheryl Amanti Martin
Catering/Hosts:  Jono Peterson, Diane Field
Website Administrators: Margery Pearl Gurnett Portfolio Manager: Stu Chait Publicity/Promotion: John Retallack, Betsy Phillips, Peter Sucy Barbecue Committee: Nancy Valle, Stu Chait Database Manager: position to be filled Historian: position to be filled

Become a Member:

Arena Art Group accepts new member applications twice a year during the spring and fall. Members are required to pay yearly dues of $60.00, attend a general meeting twice per year and volunteer for a committee or an activity that matches the individual’s skills.

Click Here to download a copy of the Membership Application in PDF format.

Your application packet should include the following:
A. $25 check made payable to Arena Art Group
B. Applicant Overview that includes:

        1. Name of Candidate
        2. Address
        3. Contact info: address, email, phone, website
        4. CV or resume, preferably in digital format
        5. Artist Statement, brief (one paragraph)
C. Art Submissions in digital form – CD or thumb drive
        1. Include 10 to 15 images
        2. Include only work completed in the last five years
        3. Choose your strongest medium and aesthetic
        4. Crop all images to show only the piece
        5. Pieces should be photographed on a grey or black background
        6. 3D pieces may be shown in different views
        7. Label and title each photograph
        8. Include dimensions for each work
        9. Note the year each piece was completed
        10. Arrange photographs from most current to older
        11.  Label CD or thumb drive with your name and date and protected in a case

Submissions should be mailed to:

Membership Chairperson
Arena Art Group, P.O.Box #18603
Rochester, N.Y. 14618

Membership Review Procedure

Upon receipt of your packet the Membership Chairperson checks the contents will notify the artist  of receipt of the materials. The Membership Committee may request an interview with the applicant before recommending the artist to the next stage. The packet is then presented at the next Steering Committee meeting for a vote. If the artist is accepted by the Steering Committee the application is then presented at the general group meeting for a general vote. The Membership Chairperson will notify the artist within 48 hours of the decision.